Security Systems in Bethesda MD Review

Published: 12th May 2010
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Protection systems Bethesda MD

Http:// safeguard systems Bethesda MD 392-0686 are obligatory because nobody ever knows where a burglar will try to enter your house. It is sensible guage how secure your residence is by requesting assistance from a guru in Security Systems in Bethesda MD, by calling 877-392-0686, or by going directly to their website at The home defense system executives at Ackerman Security Systems can take over your current security monitoring for only $18.95 a month, as well as assess where the feeble links are in your home, and suggest the correct safety features to keep you and your folks safe.

Keeping all the entry points in your house secure is important, as thieves can be really clever, and will try to exploit any entrance they can to your house and possessions. Interestingly , 34% of robberies happen thru the front door, while 22% come thru a back door, and 23% come thru a first floor window. 13 percent of thieves used either a garage or cellar as their access point, and only two percent entered anywhere on the second floor. Sadly, a few people are not awfully home security conscious, and practically invite burglars into their homes, as 4% of robberies happened because the owner left the property unlocked! Surprisingly, some property owners have safeguard systems, but don't turn them on, accounting for roughly 41% of all robberies of alarmed houses. Today there is no excuse, as the professionals at Ackerman Security Systems, the security Systems mavens in Bethesda MD, can show how straightforward today's modern security systems are to operate. They also have convenient wireless security devices, as well as remote access to your security system thru a personal computer or mobile phone. Discover more about the way to keep your house safe with a quality alarm system by Ackerman safeguard systems by calling 877-392-0686, or by going on to their educational website at

Ackerman Security Systems, one of the foremost experts in both home and business security since 1967, have just lately opened their new offices to serve the big need for security systems in Bethesda, MD, the metro Washington area, as well as areas in Virginia and Maryland. Some of the zip codes they now service are 20854, 20878, 20852, 20872, 20895, 20602, 20653, 20745, 20770, and 22375. As one of the top safeguard systems companies in the metro Atlanta, GA area for the last 43 years, they have maintained their position as being on the sharp edge of home security, turning into the first company to get U.L Certification for home security, and the 1st company to supply the "House Call"security, automation and communication system. They also have one of the lowest monthly monitoring rates. At only $18.95 a month - with no long-term contracts - Ackerman has a commitment to giving their clients the assurance of understanding that their families, houses and valuable possessions are safe from burglary and fire. To contact Ackerman Security Systems, go to their website at, or simply call them at 877-392-0686. You'll sleep deeper at night knowing you've done the absolute best you can for your family's security and safety.

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